Phonic Gurus

Who Are The Phonic Gurus?

The Phonic Gurus

Are a professional group of Grammy winning, multiplatinum producers, songwriters, performers, Television producers, Internet Investors, former and current music industry executives, radio promoters, music mastering experts, recording studio owners, major label former Presidents, CEOs, Chairman of the Boards, major label founding entrepreneurs, and recording engineers.

The mission of the Phonic Gurus is to provide a transparent roadmap to the top of the Billboard charts for many of today's greatest unsigned talents. Our list of Phonic Gurus is a Who's Who of the music industry featuring legendary successful pioneers to current movers and shakers.

Billboard number Ones

Before you can become a Star you must believe in yourself.
Can you see yourself on top of the Billboard charts?

Do you have what it takes to be successful? Are you willing to invest in yourself? If you believe then you can make the whole world believe in you. But if you don't really have that drive, tenacity and motivation, then nothing will be able to help you get to that rare spot on a chart like this one. Only the truly best can ever get there.

The success that comes with having the whole world listening to your voice or music is incredible.

The Phonic Guru Team has thirty five year of hit making experience. Many of the top performers you listen to everyday are produced, discovered and mentored by one of the Phonic Gurus.

The Phonic Guru team provides one on one training, mentoring and investment in talented performers. If you have what it takes to be a superstar then the Phonic Guru team will invest in you if you are willing to invest in yourself! Don't waste our time or yours if you are truly not the real deal!