Phonic Gurus

How It Works

The Phonic Guru Artist Deveopment Program

We are a training and artist development power house. We will take you from where you are now and elevate everything about you. You will become a professional making top dollar career decisions as fast as you are able to work, work, work! This program is for the real deal amateurs that want to truly make it to the top and are not going to be satisfied with anything less.

First the Phonic Gurus will audition you and determine your strengths and weaknesses. If you are truly talented to the levels required of Billboard Number 1 hit artists, then you will be provided a full detailed explanation of where the Phonic Gurus see your career evolving to.

Billboard number Ones

Before you can become a Star you must believe in yourself.
Can you see yourself on top of the Billboard charts?

Then the Phonic gurus will make an assessment as to your character, work ethic and potential. If you pass those requirements then you will be presented an offer to join the Phonic Guru Team Artist Development Program.

Then You Have A Choice To Make

If you think you can make it to the top without a professional team or do you recognize the futility of going it alone.

If you are accepted into the program all your needs are taken care of.

Vocal Lessons
Recording In Top Studios
Video Production
Songwriting Assistance and Training
Radio Promotion
Website Design and Social Media management
You will get your own Internet Radio Stations featuring your songs alongside Major label hits
Marketing graphics design
Legal representation and contract training
and so much more....
Personalized one on one training from real hit makers and performers
Advertising investment
Everything you will need is covered A Through Z
Television appearances
Festival Touring
Sounds to good to be true? Just ask our current crop of artists. Watch their testimonial videos and you will see that the road to stardom starts with the Phonic Guru Artist Development Program!