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The Phonic Guru Artist Deveopment Program, what does it cost?

If you are concerned about what your career will cost to achieve you are asking the wrong questions. A superstar career is like winning the ultimate lottery everyday. Do you think Katy Perry or Lady Gaga asked "how much do I have to pay to record, learn, and to become a world class entertainer?" They gave up everything to reach the top. And now can enjoy the fruits of their labor. What it costs depends on your current level of professionalism. If you already have a potential hit album that is ready to go we may take you into the program for free. If you are an already established unsigned multiplatinum legacy artist again we will take you into the program for free. If you are a hit producer, recording engineer, songwriter, music executive, DJ, songwriter or other music industry professional we will consider you based on your level of expertise.

If you show a ton of talent in your audition but lack the actual catalog of music that can get you started we might work with you for a refundable deposit that will be minimal and used just to prove your real committment to your career.

Billboard number Ones

Before you can become a Star you must believe in yourself
Can you see yourself on top of the Billboard charts?

Then the Phonic gurus will make an assessment as to your character, work ethic and potential. If you pass those requirements then you will be presented an offer to join the Phonic Guru Team Artist Development Program.

You Have A Choice To Make

How much is a career worth millions of dollars worth to myou?

How much is Bruno Mars' career worth to Bruno Mars? How much do you think Katy Perry's career is worth to her? Or for producers that do not sing, how much is it worth to have Justin Timberlake performing your song? What do you think you will say to the Phonic Guru Team After you make your first million dollars? What would that be worth? Only you know how bad you want this. And we cannot determine what offer to give you until we know where you are at with your talent and music catalog right now. But after the audition if we think you have potential we will be honest with you and let you know what joining our program will cost you if anything at all. We only charge if you don't currently have the skills ready.

Vocal Lessons
Recording In Top Studios
Video Production
Songwriting Assistance and Training
Radio Promotion
Website Design and Social Media management
You will get your own Internet Radio Stations featuring your songs alongside Major label hits
Marketing graphics design
Legal representation and contract training
and so much more....
Personalized one on one training from real hit makers and performers
Advertising investment
Everything you will need is covered A Through Z
Television appearances
Festival Touring
Sounds to good to be true? Just ask our current crop of artists. Watch their testimonial videos and you will see that the road to stardom starts with the Phonic Guru Artist Development Program!