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Meet Abi Lorrel

Abi Lorrel and the Consequences is a band that features the greatest legends in rock coming together to help the public meet the talent of Abi Lorrel. This female vocalist is from Belarus and is taking the world by the throat having songs being released in every genre. Her talent is world class. She sings Opera, Rock, Pop and RnB. Her music has no classification and she refuses to live by the old music business credo. Unshackled from the bonds that most musical artists are deem to have to abide by, Abi has joined the Phonic Guru Team and is composing music for other artists, inventing new products like the Liquor Candy Pipe, touring with muliplatinum Hip Hop artists and fronting her own soon to be legendary rock group that features a who's who of rock's elite musicians.

We are expecting a very bumpy ride with this incredible talent. She is refusing to play by the old rules and is redifining what a musical artist sounds like, looks like, and behaves like. When you hear her music it is going to blow your mind and with each new song she releases you will begin to appreciate the vastness of her talent level.

Abi Lorrel Meets Tommy Mottola and Emilio Estefan

Clive Davis is actually a first generation American from Belarus. So when he first met Abi Lorrel he was blown away. Abi then showcased for Phonic Guru Team Emilio Estefan in his offices and studio in Miami. He was equally taken in immediately by Abi Lorrel's dynamic ability to perform musically and vocally. From there the rest of the Phonic Guru team including Tommy Mottola met in New York City and had another showcase that featured Abi Lorrel performing with her rehearsal band and featured another Phonic Guru Artist named Erin Hill. This was the beginning of Abi Lorrel's journey to stardom. She is now ready for the world to experience what the Phonic Guru Team already knows.

Abi Lorrel will take your breath away with an ecletic mix of songs that are legendary! From EDM to her real passion of rock she is about to bring you joy, sadness, freedom, thought provoking messages and everything in between. Just sit back and take the journey with Abi Lorrel for many years to come.