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The Phonic Guru Artist Deveopment Program Auditions

We put you on the radio and on television through our show the HISTORY OF HITS

But first you need to be ready. Trained and capable of killing the performance the whole world will watch. To be on television and on the radio you need to have the right songs and they must be at a level of quality to compete with the top performers in the world.

Billboard number Ones

Before you can become a Star you must believe in yourself.
Can you see yourself on top of the Billboard charts?

We need to see where you are at in this stage in your career then determine what needs to be done to take you to the top. We are not interested in making songs with or for artists that will never make it. We want to create careers for our artists so they can profit from their music for their entire professional lives.

You must contact us and then we will instruct you as to the method you will need to use to send us your current catalog of music.

Then we will schedule an audition for you that you can perform via the internet or live depending on what state or country you reside in. We own five recording studios in the USA and have a base in England.

If you are accepted into the program all your needs are taken care of.

Vocal Lessons
Recording In Top Studios
Video Production
Songwriting Assistance and Training
Radio Promotion
Website Design and Social Media management
You will get your own Internet Radio Stations featuring your songs alongside Major label hits
Marketing graphics design
Legal representation and contract training
and so much more....
Personalized one on one training from real hit makers and performers
Advertising investment
Everything you will need is covered A Through Z
Television appearances
Festival Touring
Sounds to good to be true? Just ask our current crop of artists. Watch their testimonial videos and you will see that the road to stardom starts with the Phonic Guru Artist Development Program! So let's get started. Go to the contact us page or email us at