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Ellis Ruff

Ellis Ruff is a guitarist, singer/songwriter from England. He is an incredibly gifted musician and becoming a fantastic singer as well with the help of Bernard Jackson, the vocal maestro. The Phonic Guru team has been developing Ellis to become a household name. When he first came to the program he was not at the same level as Peter Heise was but we knew Ellis had everything it takes to be great.

Nobody out works Ellis and his attention to detail is unbelievable. Since he began working with the Phonic Gurus, Ellis has taken great strides and is now almost ready for prime time. This excellent performer will win your heart immediately as he sings with passion and his own brand of emotional delivery. Harking back to John Denver, Jim Croce and other long lost talents, Ellis is poised to take you on musical journeys with his guitar and voice.

Ellis Ruff is coming to a town near you!

Ellis Ruff is the consumate live performer and as such the Phonic Gurus are getting him ready to play for you.

By the end of the year Ellis will be releasing his latest single and then launching off on a tour that will criss cross the world. Be sure to keep an eye and an ear ready for him. You'll love him once you start to listen.