To Listen To What Our Artists Have To Say About The Phonic Guru Artist Development Program.

Meet Peter Heise

Peter Heise is what music producers call "it". Peter plays the guitar, the piano, songwrites, produces, performs live and is an incredible vocalist and an all around super nice young man. You need to check this incredibly talented performer and see for yourself what a naturally gifted superstar to be is supposed to be like.

Peter is an incredibly hard worker and driven to succeed in the business he loves. He never takes a break and is earning his fans one at a time. The Phonic Gurus love him and we are confident you will love him as well. We predict Peter will be considered for the vacant title left behind by Michael Jackson. We believe he will assume the mantale of "King of Pop" someday in the near future. He is that prolific a songwriter!

Peter Heise At The Hit factory

Peter Heise is working hard with Super Producer Lewis Martinee at the Hit Factory in Miami. The hits are coming and you will soon hear the incredible sound that these two have created together.

Note by note, line by line, nothing is left to chance when a Phonic Guru works on your song. Peter has been in the full on development program that has elevated his abilities and will bring him to a concert arena near you very soon. It's time you start to recognize this stellar artist for yourself.