To Listen To What Our Artists Have To Say About The Phonic Guru Artist Development Program.

Meet Samantha Bower

Samantha Bower is a singer from England that has a band named Escape December. She is asuming the mantle of all the previous super rock groups that have preceeded her. Just like U2 and going all the way back to Led Zepplin you will recognize her amazing gift for songcrafting and performing. She is a true artist. You can hear Samantha give her opinions and testimony about the benefits of the Phonic Guru Artist Development program in the video below.

Samantha has actually worked with other producers in the past that had all the multi-platinum credentials but were not as systematic as the Phonic Gurus are. These other producers which will remain nameless, actually left a bad taste in Samantha's mouth after having worked with them. As you will see in the video Samantha has found a home with the Phonic Guru Team and we are excited to bring you her dynamic rock music. You will become her fan for years to come. She will earn your loyalty to her music once you experience the greatness of her melodies and lyrical messages.

Escape December is ready to rock!

They have been recording diligently and after a few line up changes they have the team they were always searching for.

The music is ready and Samantha Bower and Escape December are ready to hit the touring world like a hurricane of sound. Look for them at all the major music festivals around the world beginning later this year!