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Stephen Horst

An Actor, Singer, Songwriter, Producer, and StoryTeller. Stephen is an amazing vocalist with an extraordinary vocal range. His emotional and passionate style is unique and he has already demonstrated the ability to capitvate the minds and hearts of the Phonic Gurus. Not a small or easy task.

You will be hearing much about Stephen as he begins his climb to the top of the charts and to the hearts and minds of fans all throughout the world.

From acting to perfoming

Stephen is the real deal. He lives for the stage and he lives to entertain. This combination of passions allows him to go the extra mile. He delivers when others choose to sleep. His work ethic is unmatched and this combined with his extraorduinary talent makes for incredible music.

The hits will be many and they will be non-stop. We know you will read this and then many years from now remember where was the first time you came in contact with Stephen Horst, soon to be one of your favorites.